This is a blog about some of my projects.


  1. Hey Jared - I'm trying to get into contact with you and Ben about featuring your Rubik's cube robot in a video series about speed. You'd be paid for your time, plus travel expenses and we're scheduled for production in the second week of August in Philadelphia. You can check out my companies work at www.lvlr.tv and my email is PB@lvlr.tv
    I hope to hear back from you regardless of your decision. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jared! My name is Kasumi, a TV production coordinator from East Entertainment which is a Japanese TV production company based in Tokyo. We're currently working to produce an educational TV show to be aired in Japan, and for an upcoming segment, we'd like to feature the Rubik cube video in our program. We'd like to send you further details so could you send me an email at kasumi-okabe@east-ent.co.jp if you're interested? Thank you so much for reading this and looking forward to hearing back from you soon :) - Kasumi